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Thanaka Powder Mask

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Get Clearer and smoother skin with our Thanaka Mask pack!

The first mention of thanaka in Burmese literature appears in the 14th century. However, the stone slabs used for making the paste have been found in excavations of sites dating back as far as 2000 years.

Thanaka comprise of a significant number of bioactive compounds that include antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-melanogenci and anti-mircobial properties. 

Thanaka paste is formed by grinding the bark against a stone with water.

Our Thanaka comes in a powdered form. So you just add water to the powder when you need to use.

Clear your acne or maskne by introducing masking with thanaka powder into your skincare routine.

Each pack comes with 25gram of 100% Thanaka Powder. Our thanaka powder source is free from heavy metals, and other possible ground contaminants.
Thanaka is a natural antibacterial ingredient and is known to promote smooth skin.

Thanaka Powder comes in a sealable foil package. Keep it dry and squeeze out the air when closing the pouch after each use.

In 25gram sachet bag.

Full Ingredient List

100% Thanaka ( Limonia Acidissima )

Skincare Step

Apply a bit of water to powder to form a thin water fluid. Apply to spots or to all over face. Leave it to dry for an hour or more it is up to you. Wash off with a gentle facial wash.

Best Before

Best Before 11/25

    Thanaka Powder Mask
    Thanaka Powder Mask
    Thanaka Powder Mask
    Acne_XJ _Thaanka anti acne
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    Thanaka Powder Mask

    Is this ingredient effective to clear acne and pimples? yes. You are on your way to good skin. Thanaka is one of the key ingredients of our BB makeup powder. So you can achieve smooth skin when you wear our makeup daily.