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Fungal Acne Skincare Bundle

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Fungal Acne Skincare Bundle Set 🌿

Gently heal your skin with our targeted fungal acne skincare bundle. Designed to address and soothe fungal acne, this set helps reduce redness, inflammation, and pus-filled pimples while restoring your skin’s health. 

What is Fungal Acne?
Fungal acne appears as infected pimples with pus or whiteheads normally uniform in size and itchy, indicating localized infection often caused by various strains of bacteria and fungi. Our skincare bundle targets these issues effectively.

Recommended Skincare Routine

1. Facial Wash Bar 🧼: Start with our lavender-lemon facial wash bar for an effective, antimicrobial cleanse. (Includes soap net for easy use.)

2. Wasabi Skin Sanitizer 🌿: After cleansing, mist the wasabi skin sanitizer over the affected area. This wide-spectrum, alcohol-free sanitizer targets skin infections, especially pus-filled pimples, to kill bacteria and fungi.

3. Anti-Acne Mist 🌹: Follow up with our anti-acne mist, formulated with organic rose hydrosol and mangosteen extract. This mist helps return your skin to its natural acidic pH and kills *C. acnes* bacteria, reducing inflammation and promoting clearer skin.

4. Thanaka Mask 🌟: Apply the Thanaka Mask 2-3 times a week to help dry out pus-filled pimples for cleaner extraction. Mix the powder with water to form a watery fluid (not a thick paste), apply to affected areas or all over the skin, leave to dry, and wash off after a couple of hours.

Expected Results: With consistent use, you’ll notice reduced redness and inflammation, and pimples will gradually harden, making them easier to extract safely and gently.

Set Includes:
- 1 Facial Wash Bar (lavender-lemon) – An effective antimicrobial cleanser with soap net.
- 1 30ml Wasabi Skin Sanitiser– A wide-spectrum, alcohol-free sanitizer targeting skin infections.
- 1 30ml Anti-Acne Mist– Formulated with organic rose hydrosol and mangosteen extract to kill bacteria and restore skin pH.
- 1 Pack of Thanaka Mask Powder (25 grams) – Mix with water for a soothing mask to dry out and heal affected areas.

Say goodbye to fungal acne with our gentle yet effective skincare solutions! 🌟💧

Full Ingredient List

Clear Skin Facial wash Bar

Saponified oils of coconut, olive, rice bran oil. Lavender and Lemon essential oil.

Anti Acne Mist

Organic rose hydrosol, mangosteen extract, lactobacillus Ferment, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, glycyrrhiza (liquorice) root extract.

Wasabi Skin Sanitiser
Water, Lactobacillus/Wasabia Japonica Root Ferment Extract, Brassica Oleracea Italia ( Broccoli) Extract, Propandiol (from corn),glycerin, Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract,Lactobacillus Ferment, glycerin, Glcyrrhiza Uralensis( Licorice) Root extract, Camelia Siensis Leaf water, Cocos Nucifera ( coconut oil), Allium Sativum ( Garlic Bulb Extract), Yeast Ferment Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate (from coconut) Melaleuca Alternifolia ( Tea Tree ) Leaf Oil.

Tea tree essential oil is at 0.3%. For scent purpose only.

Thanaka Mask
100% Thanaka ( Limonia Acidissima )

Skincare Step

Cleanse with facial wash bar ( use only the lather to wash)
Mist wasabi skin sanitiser onto affected areas( suitable for face and body) if near eye area, please mist onto palms and pat gently around eye area. &nbsp;Do not let product enter the eye.<br>Wait for wasabi skin sanitiser to be absorbed before misting on Anti Acne mist.<br>Thanaka masking can be done 2 or 3 times a week or daily if you need and hardworking enough.

Best Before

Facial Wash Bar 12/25 Anti Acne Mist 10/25 Wasabi Sanitiser 09/24 Thanaka Powder Mask 11/25

    Bacterial acne Bundle

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    Fungal Acne Skincare Bundle

    How to recover faster from bacterial acne.? You can drain the pus of large pimples. There is no point keeping infected pus in pimples. If visually they can be drained easily, by making a small poke with a sterilised needle, you can perform it safely and in a sterilised way by misting the wasabi skin sanitiser before and after extraction. Please sterilise your extraction tool with boiling water.

    Or please visit a reputable facial salon where they can perform safe and clean extraction for you. Please do not pop your pimples or squeeze with your fingers.