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Lipstick Triple Bundle by Suiinaturals

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When you need 3 lipsticks and your life is complete.

Choose any 3 of your  FAVOURITE SHADES from our couture, allure and subzero lipstick collection! Now comes in a free color basket of your choice!

Couture and Allure Series are based on the tropics lip balm care formula. Enjoy full color payoff and moisturised lips all day!The tropics formula is designed for more comfortable feel in hot and humid environments ie in Singapore and Bangkok etc.

Subzero collection is based on an ultra moisturising formula designed for the winter. It makes great travel lippies without the need for additional lipbalm. Subzero formula contains more moisturising Argan Oil than the tropics balm formula.

For Suiinaturals lipstick collection, you do not need to apply additional lipbalm before wearing the lipstick. Just wear it directly. :)

Enjoy these hot favourites everyday for all occasions!

Net Wt. 3.3gram per lipstick.
Gross Wt. 20gram per lipstick

Full Ingredient List

Beeswax, Argan Oil, Coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E and mineral pigments of iron oxides, mica and titanium dioxide.

Skincare Step

Just glide onto lips for a beautiful pout!

Best Before

Best Before 12/24

    Lipstick shot 94
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    Lipstick Triple Bundle by Suiinaturals

    The best strategy when it comes to picking 3 colors. Choose some pinks as a base shade that you can also use on your cheeks. Pair with some reds which you can mix the shades together to create your own unique shades!