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Natural Vitamin C Serum by Hwado

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Natural C Serum is formulated  from Acerola extract ( total of 14% natural vitamin C) which helps make skin healthy and clear. No more tired skin!

Contains Organic Green tea which is aged and fermented using lactobacillus, making this an ultra gentle natural cosmetic.

With Vitamin E, Alpha-Bisabolol and Seed Whitener complex, the serum offers antioxidant effect with safe whitening effect. Gentle and safe for sensitive skin.
Recommended regime

Drip 1 or 2 drops onto palm and massage onto spots or whole face.  Recommended to be used at night.

Use within 3 months after opening.
In 15ml dark glass bottle.
Made in Korea.

What is Acerola?

Acerola is a shrub or small tree that bears a delicious cherry-like fruit, which is why you usually hear the term “acerola cherry” when referring to this fruit. Other common names include Barbados cherry and West Indian cherry, but the scientific designation of this tropical fruit is Malpighia emarginata. Native to Mexico, South America, and Central America, this fruit has been prized for thousands of years by various indigenous cultures.Acerola cherries have one of the highest contents of vitamin C, topped only by camu camu.


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Full Ingredient List

Malpighia Glabra ( Acerola) Fruit Extract, Propanediol ( vegetable derived), camellia sinsesis leaf water, brassica Oleracea Italia ( Brocoli) Extract, Lauryl Arginine, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) fruit extract, curcuma Longa (Tumeric) root extract, Lactobacillius ferment, Scutellaria baicalensis Rpot Extract, polyglycerl-10 laurate, glycerin, (-)- alphabisabolol,Glycyrrhiza Uralensis ( Licorice) Root Extract, Arachis Hypogaea ( Peanut) sprout Extract ( Lavandula Angustifolia( Lavender oil),Rosmarinus,Officinalis ( Rosemary) Leaf oil,Cordyceps Militaris Mycelium Extract,Xanthum gum,Exklonia Kurome Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract,Sodium Hyaluronate, Gylcine Max ( soybean) seed extract, Bambusa Vulgaris Extract,Oryza Sativa (rice) Extract, Citrus Junos seed extract,Saccharomyces/Rice Ferment Filtrate,Tocepherol, Thiotic Acid, Water, Phospatidylcholine, Linoenic Acid.

Skincare Step

Apply a couple of drops to where needed. Use during night time routine. Please keep it refrigerated.

Best Before

Use within 3 months of opening.

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    Natural Vitamin C Serum by Hwado

    Vitamin C is an important substance that your skin needs for collagen synthesis. Collagen is an important structure protein in the skin that maintains skin suppleness.

    Most people will not be able to get enough Vitamin C through their diet that could reach the skin. Hence topical vitamin C is necessary for optimum skin health.

    Synthetic Vitamin C can cause irritation. Do choose your vitamin C skincare wisely.

    Hwado’s Vitamin C serum is made by natural cosmetics experts in Korea is intended for sensitive to normal skin.