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Single Soap Bars

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Replace your conventional shampoos and facial wash with these natural handcrafted soap bars!

Top to Toe Wash Bar with Shea butter (Lavender & Tea tree) is recommended for dry/eczema prone skin. Suitable for all skin type.

Clear skin facial bars (Lavender& Lemon) are suitable for body as well. Our moisturising facial bars suitable for all skin type but especially recommended for acne prone skin.

Anti-Hairfall soap (Lavender & Rosemary) helps reduce hair fall. If you have drastic hair fall from petrochemical surfactant based shampoos, switch to our natural shampoo bars today. No conditioner required for short/medium length hair. You can add your fav conditioner if it makes your hair more manageable.

FREE 1 pcs of soap net for each purchase.

Full Ingredient List

Anti-hairfall shampoo bar

Saponified Oils of Castor and Coconut. Rosemary and Lavender essential oils.

Clear Skin Facial Bar

Saponified oils of coconut, olive and rice bran and essential oils of Lavender and Lemon.

Moisturising Top to Toe wash bar

Saponified oils of Shea butter, Rice Bran Oil, Sweet almond oil, coconut oil. With Lavender and Tea tree essential oils.

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Single Soap Bars

Does washing with soap strip your skin? Cold process soaps are made with moisturising oils that deliver nourishing moisture after wash. Cold process soaps also contain natural glycerin which helps to moisturise the skin.