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Top to Toe Shea butter (Duo Set) soap

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Recommended for dry skin/eczema prone skin.

Formulated with moisturising shea butter and rice bran oil, these ingredient combi is excellent for dry, eczema prone skin. Suitable for all skin types. Also recommended for fuss free chill folks who just need 1 soap to do it all.

An excellent travel/gym soap for hair, face and body or for anybody on the go.

Set Price is for 2 bars of soap and 1 piece of soap net.
Set comes with a soap net, to create more lather for more efficient wash.
Use the foam/lather for hair, face and body.

If you love a minimalist bathroom, this replaces your shampoo, facial wash and body foam.

What to expect?
A moisturising simple relaxing routine with Lavender and tea tree.

This product is currently not available. We are working to restock this in the near future.

Skincare Step

Place 1 piece of soap into wash net, wet it with water and rub to create lather.
Use the lather to wash. Just hang the soap bar with the net somewhere to dry after use. Do not soak soap bar in wet conditions.
For ladies with off shoulder to long hair, massage the lather onto hair body first, followed by scalp( 2 steps). Rinse.Conditioner is not necessary for most folks. Combs thru without tangling with a wide tooth comb.

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    Moisturising Top to Toe ( Duo)
    Top to Toe Soap (ingredient)
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    Top to Toe Shea butter (Duo Set) soap